Tampa Bay

Chill Bros. Scoop Shop

Better known as Tampa Bay’s neighborhood scoop shop, Chill Bros. combines old world principles with modern techniques learned in Bologna, Italy, to craft next level ice cream.

The Place:

With four locations spread throughout Tampa, each and every scoop shop is centered around the same outlook: having a good time. You can expect a warm welcome, fresh playlist and an ever-changing line up of delicious artisanal ice cream.

The Ice Cream:

Every scoop starts with five simple ingredients: Florida milk and cream, egg yolks, pure cane sugar and a dash of salt. From there, every mix-in, sauce, candy and baked good is handcrafted in their South Howard location’s kitchen. 

Our Recommendation:

Satisfy your afternoon sweet tooth with one of their classic or seasonal flavors. Whether you go the cup or cone route, the ice cream’s rich flavor and velvety smooth texture will be on display in every bite. 

“Chill Bros is my favorite stop for a sweet treat. With the most indulgent seasonal flavors and pre-scooped take home pints, it’s the perfect ice cream spot!”
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