Key West

General Horseplay

Cocktails made with the most fresh of ingredients that’ll leave you wanting more. Live, exhilarating music daily out at the back bar. Cocktail classes. Delectable low-proof mocktails. Cupcake sushi... What more could you want out of a bar in Key West?

The Place:

Situated in an old brick house along Caroline Street, General Horseplay has been serving drinks & tomfoolery since 2018 with the goal to to provide a place for customers to “get lost for hours in self-indulgence.” 

The Drinks:

General Horseplay’s house cocktails are a blend of fun, innovative and sensational, having you try combinations of flavors you’d never consider pairing. But don’t be intimidated by their cocktails if that isn’t your thing. Their menu is full of beers, wines and spirits ensuring everyone finds something to suit their fancy. 

Our Recommendations:

Don’t skip out on the ‘Cornucoparita’ just because it’s not #FallGirlVibes season yet. Once your taste buds have wowed by the mix of lime, papaya, white tea and tequila, jump on over to the ‘Happy Dagger, Be Brief’ for a drink that’ll want to to drink slow enough to capture every taste, but quickly enough to get a second. 

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