Tampa Bay

Hotel Bar

Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, Hotel Bar is bringing people together over ornate, craft cocktails that hail from different international hotels. 

The Place:

Similar to a swanky hotel bar, the space is both comfortable and upscale. A large, concrete bar, accented with textiles and industrial finishes, is the focal point of the room, while floral wallpaper and stunning lighting set a moody atmosphere. 

The Drinks:

Each cocktail on the menu is accompanied by its ingredients, hotel and place of origin as well as a bartender with extensive knowledge on its story. 

Our Recommendation:

The ‘moonwalk,’ composed of grand marnier, grapefruit, rose water and gruet rose was the first drink Neil Armstrong had after he walked on the moon, while the ‘Hotel Nacional,’ combines brugal rum, giffard peche, pineapple, lime and hails from Havana, Cuba.

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