Tampa Bay

On Swann

Serving contemporary, American cuisine with seasonal twists, On Swann exhibits a hip, relaxed vibe with flavorful, folksy cooking. 

The Place:

The interior reflects the hip sentiment of the surrounding Hyde Park area. Accompanied by a rustic bar and swanky lounge, the dining room features intimate and community-style seating, both with a clear view of the open-concept kitchen. 

The Food:

Incorporating Italian and Southern flavors with nods to Spain and France, there’s a dish for everyone - whether it be for dinner, lunch or brunch.

Our Reco:

Pop in for brunch with friends and have an appetizer extravaganza. Be sure to get the Zeppole, Avocado Toast and ask about their secret menu Honey Hot Chicken. Wash it all down with a ‘Bees in the Trap’ and ‘Jaded Lense’ cocktail.

“This is my favorite spot for brunch! The cocktails are so diverse, but all equally as delicious. It’s got such a cool, eclectic vibe and I love how their menus are always evolving.” - Kimberly Rockwell, Guest Experience Manager

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