Tampa Bay

Pier Teaki

A modern take on the classic tiki bar, Pier Teaki is a hotspot for good food, cold drinks and a good time.

The Place:

Perched atop The Pier in St. Pete, the Pier Teaki rooftop bar offers a unique experience that takes you about as far into Tampa Bay's waters as you can go, all while keeping your feet dry. Hawaiian-inspired decor, azure sofas and tiki-style umbrellas fill the space, all of which is surrounded by a panoramic view of the water and St. Pete skyline.

The Food & Drinks:

The tropical vibes extend to the menu, featuring a vibrant array of distinctive specialty drinks, frozen cocktails, an extensive rum collection and an abundance of delectable bar snacks.

Our Recommendation:

Stop in for the picture-perfect happy hour setting with friends to enjoy drinks and bites in the setting sun. 

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