Key West

Retro Room

Open seven days a week with hundreds of games, dozens of beers and loads of opportunities for trivia, this blast-from-the-past bar will have you wanting to return more often than you’d probably like.

The Place:

This unsuspecting location will keep you entertained for as long as you desire with an unlimited supply of board games to shuffle through.

The Drinks:

Looking for a new craft beer you’ve yet to discover? Here you’ll find local brews from the Keys, Florida and the rest of the nation.

Our Recommendations:

Whip out your flip phone and shoot off an sms to meet up with a friend from middle or high school, grab one of 24 beers from Retro Room’s selection and play an arcade game that’ll take you back to the late 90s.

“Party in the front, Guitar Hero in the back. And whoever loses the slinky race buys the next round. Simple” - Cheyne, Guest Experience Manager
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