Key West

Shots and Giggles

Nestled next to Tattoos & Scars in what appears to be a quant, “conch cottage,” Shots & Giggles is a local favorite for game days, serving up cold drinks in a laid back atmosphere.

The Place:

Owners Steve Kibbe and Hanna Rivera opened this joint back in 2011 in an effort to mix their love for hospitality and sports. The ambiance truly brings their name to life and you can expect that same level of camaraderie today when you stop in for some shots and giggles. 

The Food & Drinks:

Their drink specials are topnotch with Mermaid Mondays, Whiskey Wednesdays, Tequila Fridays and Bombora Saturdays; all uniquely coined for the specific drinks they serve on each day.

Our Reccomendations:

Start your week strong and make your way in for Mermaid Mondays. The ‘Mermaid Margarita,’ made with tequila, watermelon, lemonade and a splash of champagne, and ‘Mermaid Water,’ composed of cucumber vodka and watermelon lemonade are sure to go down nice and smooth.  

“The Mermaid Water will have you swimming with the snappers. This dive is a hidden yet necessary bar to visit while in the Conch Republic.” 
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