Key West

Thirsty Mermaid

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Key West just off of Duval, Thirsty Mermaid is the perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner. Their wide variety of mouthwatering seafood and intentional selection of wine is impressive–their customer service is not to be overlooked either.

The Place:

Natural light, nautical vibes and the smell of fresh seafood fill the walls of Thirsty Mermaid. The addition of a sleek raw bar boasts an inviting atmosphere for a casual, bistro-like lunch or dinner with family and friends.  

The Food & Drinks:

All seafood at Thirsty Mermaid is supplied directly to the restaurant by Keys Fresh Seafood, ensuring that you’re eating only the freshest of meals. While their seafood is top-notch, don’t let it overshadow the amazing burger and skirt steak options, in addition to the mac & cheese croquettes and oven roasted chicken wings. 

Our Recommendations:

Begin your meal with a round of oysters, or, if you’re really feeling up to it, embark on the Mermaid Royale Platter where you’ll be met with oysters, clams, shrimp and ceviche to prime you for your entree to follow. While we strongly recommend either the scallops or the local catch of the day, we’re near confident you can’t really go wrong with your selection. 

“Thirsty Mermaid is full of friendly staff and is the best place outside of Tampa to grab a Jai Alai on tap. Pair it with their skirt steak or the Asian Burger to blow your mind.” - Dan Garcia, Senior Director of Operations 
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