Interior Design and Why it Makes a Difference

By VP of Interior Design, Elaine Spottswood

The primary goal, above all else, is to create unique products and spaces that tell a story.

As the VP of Interior Design at Brightwild, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding part of this industry and my job, especially, is getting to be in and embrace the finished product. When creating these unique spaces, the process, in its entirety, can come with a lot of pushback, questions and opinions about every single detail - from things as grand as the space’s layout, to others as small as the texture of a pillow. So, when the project is complete and everything finally comes together, I enjoy being able to share the space with others and listen to their compliments and feedback about what it once was and what it currently is.

How does the creative process at Brightwild differ from that of a traditional design project?

The primary goal, above all else, is to create unique products and spaces that tell a story. When there are no boundaries or boxes that you are confined to, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing spaces filled with so much exceptional and historic significance. The Brightwild standard of quality is unparalleled, but as far as the creative side is considered, it’s a designer's dream come true.

When designing a room or space, what are the most important factors for you?

First and foremost, I always look into the authentic character of the space:

Is it a new space?
An older space?
Who’s the space for?
Who’s going to use it?
What do you see through the windows, colors, trees?

These components then become the basis for every decision regarding proportion, balance, emphasis, rhythm, harmony, so on and so forth.  

Where do you draw inspiration from?

The best way to draw inspiration is to step outside of the norm and delve into a new expression. I draw the majority of my inspiration from travel, fashion and other designers in our field - anything that sparks my excitement to create something beautiful and new.

How does design differ from decorating?

To put it simply: Design is an entire process; you create the functional space, or ‘canvas,’ from beginning to end. Whereas decorating involves adorning those spaces with decorative elements and finishing touches.