Key West, Florida

Key West’s Modes of Transportation

The former home of Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffet, Key West is a small but mighty island of only four miles in length and two miles in width at its widest, making it a very easy city to navigate. 

What’s even better are the numerous ways you can choose to commute around the island. 

Are y’all looking to get to 5 Brothers for a cubano quickly or make your way down to Fat Tuesday? We’ve pulled together a rather extensive list of options for you to best determine how you’re going to travel around town. 


From British classic to Caribbean icon, Mokes have become a hot commodity across cities like Palm Beach and Key West. The electric, open-air and street legal vehicles are the perfect way to hop across the islands. 

Barefoot Billys has dozens of Mokes to rent at hourly and daily rates and can be picked up at Marriott Beachside. 

If you’ve never rented a Moke, the Keys are the perfect place to use one for the first time. 


Whether you’re in the driver's seat or sitting on the back, who doesn’t love zipping around on a scooter under South Florida’s amazing sun? Scooters are super versatile as parking isn’t always the most accessible thing on the island. 

We recommend checking out scooters from Pirate Scooter Rental Company right across from world-famous Green Parrot Bar. 


I know I know, but hear us out… Key West is small enough where you can very often just walk from point A to B, especially when you’re getting ready to hit the town. And hey, sometimes we all need a reminder of the two legs we were given.


Bikes line the streets of Key West as an easy mode of transportation. Checking off your workout and arriving at your destination at the same time is something we’re always down for, especially before a night out at the bars. 

You can easily rent bikes on the island for daily and weekly fees. 


Pedicabs are one of the easiest, most fun and cost effective ways to get home after a long night out on Duval. Be on the lookout for pedicabs – They’re hard to miss! 

Jet Ski 

Dock your jet ski right up to our waterfront homes at Key Haven Estates and hop into town for dinner at The Docks. Jet skis are a fun and versatile way to get around the island, while also dual-tracking as a fun way to spend your days out on the water, whether sightseeing or tubing. 


Want to really feel like a local? Rent a boat or bring your own down to Key West and dock up in your backyard at Casa Isabelle, Grand Marina Suite at Stock Island Yacht Club or at one of our many Key Haven Estates locations. There are several spots throughout the island where you can take your boat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or to just grab a drink. 

We hope that when you’re in the Keys you’ll experience many diverse modes of transportation and have FUN while you do!