Why Brightwild Principal Broker Rick Haskins Thinks You Should Buy a Vacation Property ASAP

The 2008 housing market crash, the COVID-19 pandemic and even most recently, the ‘forecasted recession,’ we’ve learned to live ‘on edge’ when it comes to spending money, often halting the idea of diversifying investments. 

While Rick Haskins, Principal Broker for Brightwild Real Estate and Brightwild Stays, understands your hesitation, his experience would advise otherwise. In his opinion, if you have the means, you should purchase a second property ASAP. 

“Over the years, the external market factors [political, economical, social, technological] that have negatively affected real estate outside of South Florida have affected us positively, especially in the Florida Keys,” said Haskins. 

“Whether it’s buying real estate or vacation rentals in Key West, the Lower or Upper Keys or anywhere in Florida–across all sectors–our numbers are up and are staying that way.” 

Rick has been in the real estate industry for the last 11 years, with the last six years focusing primarily on the brokerage side of the business. 

Through Rick and the rest of the team, Brightwild has become the premier vacation rental property management company and realty group assisting buyers in helping find their dream homes in Key West, the Florida Keys and all across South Florida. 

While liquid assets are great, (cash, savings accounts with low interest, etc. ) they cannot generate additional cash flow at the rate rental properties can. 

Vacation properties in desirable areas such as the Keys are a constant source of revenue. As an added bonus, when you’re not actively renting your second property, you have a stunning vacation home to enjoy at your leisure.  

We’ve already projected your next question: What’s Next? 

1. If you want to invest in a second property, the first thing to do is understand what is important to you. 

Are you looking at property purely from an investment standpoint? Are you looking at simply having a second home? Or maybe a mixture of both? 

What type of property do you want? An apartment, house, vacation home or something totally different? Where do you want it located? The Keys, Miami, Tampa? 

2. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you have to go to the drawing board to decide on what kind of budget you’re comfortable with. 

Be sure to compare mortgage rates, insurance, taxes and home maintenance costs. 

3. Speak to an experienced professional – Don’t attempt to figure this out on your own. 

They’re the experts for a reason and they’re fully read into different markets. It’s never worth it to go into this blind. Trust the experts who want to help you out. 

Brightwild provides the most authentic and curated vacation rental experience to our guests in the Conch Republic and other top South Florida locations. We are a team of multigenerational Key West locals devoted to the unique vacation homes under our banner. Learn more about us and what we can offer you today → 

Our team prides ourselves on being community specialists dedicated to helping visitors and guests explore destination lifestyles with our unique local knowledge and services.

If you have liquid assets just sitting around and you haven’t seriously considered investing into a second property, we’d highly encourage you to do so–and do so quickly! 

For more information on how the Brightwild team can help you find a dream property and make it yours, reach out to our team today at www.brightwild.com.