Crafting Uniqueness: A Peek Behind the Curtain of Brightwild's Design Process

At Key Haven Estates, we have a vision to do things differently. We want uniqueness to be the theme that carries you throughout your stay, noticing that no two rooms are the same. 

We decided to say, ‘goodbye,’ to the status-quo of using economy as a scale and diverged into a new reality where we could be resourceful in reusing the same tilings and fixtures throughout a house, but maybe cementing them in different ways and directions so that you didn’t feel like you were living in a, ‘copy-paste’ reality. 

Every detail of Key Haven Estates has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that each residence is unique, enabling guests to select their home according to their distinctive tastes. (Yes, there’s truly something for everyone here–and, if it’s not here yet, we’re sure it will be in one of our future phases which you’ll just need to stay tuned for.) 

Designing a Collection of Homes

While we took over this project when there were already 10 houses designed, built and operating, we still headed to the drawing board to see how we could enhance the existing home while turning the remaining lots in Key Haven into an expansive oasis of properties. 

From the beginning, the central aim of this project for us was to create homes where no two spaces were alike. (And if you remember, before we rebranded to Brightwild, our company name was One/One, clearly communicating how we wanted each space to be one of its own–unlike any other.)

This approach presented a slew of challenges, but has ultimately become the cornerstone of the entire design process. The principle was simple: when you step into a Key Haven Estates home, it should feel like stepping into your very own world–One built just for you. 

A Tale Woven into Materials

A core tenet of the design process at Key Haven Estates is the infusion of narrative into every decision. Stories are CRUCIAL in the process of designing, and it’s something we can always lean back on when we have to make a decision pertinent to the brand. 

The constant question during the design journey is, "Does this align with the Key Haven brand?, and does it harmonize with the story of the specific house?" Every choice, be it the flooring material or the selection of lighting fixtures, must resonate with the overarching story and brand identity. We want the story to be within the material. 

‘Does this kitchen backsplash mesh well with THIS story?’ 

‘Does that wall covering make sense? Does it tell THAT story?’ 

But don’t get us wrong, these aren’t questions we want you as the guest to ask–We want you to naturally and effortlessly feel these things without second thought. 

Which kicks us off into our design journey as a whole through five distinctive phases:

Phase 1: Conceptual Design
  • Creating the story.
  • Crafting inspiring mood boards. (You’ll see those scattered throughout this post–all of the mood boards here are for four new and upcoming Key Haven Estate homes!) 
  • Weaving a unifying narrative.
  • Developing initial floor plans.
  • Collaborating closely with the internal investment team.
Phase 2: Schematic Design
  • Transitioning from broad concepts to detailed designs.
  • Selecting finishes, appliances and more.
Phase 3: Design and Development
  • Perfecting every facet of the design.
  • Ensuring every element on the walls and in the rooms harmonizes seamlessly.
  • Providing detailed instructions to the millworkers.
  • Issuing a comprehensive construction set handed over to the contractors.
Phase 4: Construction Documents 
  • Compile For Construction Documents and Specifications for each lot. 
  • Go through the procurement phase. 
Phase 5: Construction Administration
  • Working in close harmony with the general contractors, architects + consultants, and ownership team.
  • Addressing queries and responding to submissions and shop drawings in the construction administration process.

The design process of these homes is free from the constraints of rigid rules. It celebrates creativity and uniqueness. Whether you're a seasoned interior designer or not, this design approach easily awakens your imagination. For those who typically don't engage this part of their brain, the mood boards we create serve as a visual guide, enabling everyone involved to paint a vivid picture of the final masterpiece, even if their heads are normally deep in financial and analytical spreadsheets.

Adapting to a New Pace of Things

Key Haven Estates serves as an exemplar of the possibilities inherent in the design-build nature of the work we’re doing. In this fast-paced realm, the challenge lies not only in adhering to budgets and timelines but also in crafting a design that narrates a compelling story. In contrast to traditional design processes, which often allow eight-12 months for design, Key Haven Estates moves quickly, and this is where the power of a thoughtfully constructed narrative shines.

The Key Haven Estates project is a testament to a design journey marked by innovation, creativity and a devotion to storytelling. Each home in this exclusive collection is more than just a structure; it is a work of art, narrating a story that will captivate anyone who steps into the homes. 

While we can’t tell you everything yet, we can tell you that there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to what’s going on at Key Haven. Keep your eyes peeled by following us at and on Instagram at @KeyHavenEstatesVacation.