How to List My Property with Brighwild Management

By Owner Success Manager, Francheska Garcia

Do you have a second home or rental property you’ve been wanting to get out of your hands and have a company manage for you, but you haven't had the right tools or resources at your disposal to do so yet? 

We’ve broken our process down into easy, digestible steps you can execute upon after reading this post, and we hope you get started with Brightwild today! 

1. Get in touch with our team! You can fill out a request form at 

2. Begin the Onboarding Process to Ensure Long Term Success of your Short Term Rental Asset 

  1. Complete our fillable form that allows us to learn more about your vacation rental. 
  2. Sign the Brightwild management agreement. 
  3. Provide us with a signed W9 form. 
  4. Supply any copies of current licensing (State, county and city, if applicable.) 
  5. Produce copies of your HOA bylaws, if applicable. 

3. Schedule a Unit Walk-Through 

  1. We will assess your property to note the physical state and mention any recommendations our team has to best set up your property. 
  2. At this stage, we will be able to gauge a realistic expectation of rental revenue. 

4. Identify Your Personal Preferences as the Homeowner 

  1. You can be as hands-on or -off as you’d like.
  2. Remember: This is your home! You can stay in your home as often as you’d like, but the more you use it, the less income you’ll receive in return. 
  3. Do you want us to pay your utilities, manage the pest control, maintain your lawn, prepare for a hurricane and take the trash out? We can do all of that. We have multiple owner programs set up we can discuss that will make you a completely hands-off owner! 
  • Facilities Maintenance Program
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Response
  • Linen/Toiletries Program
  • Coffee Program
  • One Smart Door Lock
  • Smart Thermostat
  • After Hours Security 
  • Pool/Spa Service
  • Houseman
  • Renovation/Project Management
  • And more! 

5. Finalizing the Details 

  1. You’re almost onboarded! During this step, we’ll get your licensing finalized, install all of the smart IT necessary (air conditioning, door locks, etc.,) place small goods, photograph your unit(s), build out a pricing strategy and make sure we dot all of the i's and cross the t's. Once these steps are complete, we’ll get your property listed and finalize the dates guests can begin to rent your unit! 

6. Maximization of Revenue Possibilities of Property 

  1. Our team will work relentlessly via continued education of the property and proactive planning to maximize revenue. This will be an ongoing process and conversation that does not end once your property is onboarded. 

Ultimately, we want to take the work out of you owning your property so that you can enjoy the residual income. 

We pride ourselves on being set apart from the competition. We do this through: 

  • Utilizing Multi-Channel Communication with our Guests 
  • Our team of hosts provide real-time communication with guests through their channel of preference, whether that be by phone, text or another messaging app. 
  • Being Available at Guest’s Leisure – 24/7 
  • While we are always available, guests can reach out to our team at their leisure. They can communicate on their watch and at their pace, all without a scheduled time or office hours. 
  • Distributing Properties Through Best-in-Class Tools  
  • We use a Cloud-Based PMS that allows us to manage and distribute inventory through a best-in-class approach that integrates with distribution channels and SAAS offerings through APIs. 
  • These systems integrate with accounting services to provide reliable record keeping, real-time KPIs and automated stakeholder reporting. 
  • Automated algorithms dynamically price each unit, pushing real-time price adjustments to all distribution channels. 

For more information on how to list your property with Brightwild, get in touch with our property management team today!