How to Prevent Properties from Getting 'Tired'

Whether it’s your primary property or a rental property, there are several ways to help prevent your space from getting ‘tired’ or feeling outdated. (And if it’s a rental property, you want to be certain to make updates necessary to ensure your property is one that is not passed over when customers are price shopping on online travel agencies such as Airbnb and VRBO.)

To ensure your property doesn’t become ‘tired,’ the best piece of advice we’d have is to ensure regular upkeep is maintained and that corners aren’t cut. 

Fresh paint, fixed leaks and replaced carpets all can make a massive difference at a small cost. 

We’ve pulled together a few tips from our team on how to make sure that your property is up-to-date, both internally and externally. 

Keep up Regular Maintenance 

  • Ensure your alarms and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and batteries are regularly checked 
  • Replace your air filters every 6-12 months 
  • Clean your air vents 
  • Look for leaks or cracks in your faucets 
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts
  • Have pest-control come out often enough to preemptively spray for bugs or critters 

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Small improvements can make a world of difference if you act quickly and ensure regular updates are made to your property. 

Ensure Property is Squeaky Clean 

Regular cleaning should be non-negotiable for your properties. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and the cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen should be done every few days. 

Every once in a while, hire a cleaning company to have your property deep-cleaned. Although it’s not always the most cost effective solution, cleaning companies can do a far better job cleaning than you may be able to. 

If you’re renting properties, we’d recommend a professional-cleaning service between each stay. Periodically check your properties to make sure your expectations are met and that your property is as clean as possible for your guests. 

Maintain Landscaping 

For both your lawn’s health and for the visual appeal, make sure your lawn is cut and taken care of. And once the seasons change, make sure you book a seasonal edging and mulching for your front-and backyards. Once you find a service that you like and trust, consider talking to them about seasonal plants and flowers to help the overall curb-appeal of your home. 

Take Preventative Measures 

  • Use doormats to block dirt from being tracked in 
  • Place coasters on tables for easy accessibility to prevent water rings on surfaces 
  • Ensure you have hurricane-proof windows installed or shutters near by with close accessibility in case of storms (if relevant to where you live) 
  • Reseal the deck and fence 

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